knoppen2Project Management

Solution Too is gespecialiseerd in het gestructureerd opzetten, uitvoeren, rapporteren en bewaken van diverse nationale en internationale projecten. Als projectmanager ken ik de farmaceutische industrie door en door.

  • Ruime kennis van zaken betreffende laboratorium automatisering.
  • Hoog slagingspercentage van projecten binnen organisaties door ervaring in en kennis van de uitvoerende, management en strategische belangen.
  • Projectmanagement volgens de PRINCE2 methodiek met  multidisciplinaire en (inter)nationale teams.

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Aanbeveling door Marcel Gross, project- en interim manager van Solvay Pharmaceuticals:

I had the privilege of working closely with Paul. Paul is an experienced and professional specialist. He has a positive drive to do his job right. His approach is structured and his execution well thought. Paul has a great deal of knowledge and he has a fine set of soft skills. He is able to answer complex issues and execute complex projects even if quite a number of colleagues have to be convinced. It does not matter whether a project is local or international. At a time when, at Solvay, people were looking for a structured process for projects Paul just did it. Besides his professionalism, Paul also is a fine person. I liked it very much to work with him. I hope he thinks the same about me : -)


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